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Pussy Monster Park BenchPussy Monster seeks to help communities by:
1) Drawing attention to important social ails

2) Engaging the audience directly via dynamic art forms

3) Building relationships between artists, activists, and public servants

4) Having a corporate culture that acts in a way beneficial to those less fortunate.


Okay, now that the soundbite is out of the way let’s get down to the nuts and bolts. Pussy Monster wants to help the homeless, the addicted, the used, the marginalized. We also want to create some really good products, tell some great stories, and have fun with it. Recognizing important social issues that we have basically come accustomed to is something that we believe is key to getting anything done in this respect. Due to the fact that we see homelessness constantly in our wonderful city and it’s getting worse over time, this epidemic is something very close to the company and we use it as a baseline for our approach to many problems. Sure, it’s a problem that has multiple foci that must be taken into account when thinking about how one comes to be in that position, however, that is the exact reason we have chosen people living on the street as the chief problem among others to shine a spotlight on. Not simply because it is a inconvenience or unsightly or the right thing to do, but because it could actually be ameliorated.

The first step of this process is the comic book Pussy/Monster. The name right? Yeah, we know. The comic is the jumping off point that allows us to partner with amazing artists from around the city. Currently we are working on the first six issues which will introduce a number of main and supporting characters. The first six will also be heavy on world building so that readers will be able to understand the setting of the world in an almost intuitive way. Each issue of the first run will be drawn by a different artist so that character interpretation can allows us to have a broader base i.e., make ’em look different and get the merch ordered. We are also taking this approach when it comes to our community art space program. Illustrators will be painting murals and ATMs based on their own brands or that of P/M. This in conjunction with our Spotlight Atlanta Initiative will give our brand and those of our illustrators a greater reach into socially conscious ad-space without getting bogged down in ad-buy.

The Spotlight Atlanta Initiative is the second step in the process. Spotlantive, still working on a syllabic, allows us to work directly with a particular local artist for the duration of the promotion period. We join with the creator and share links, we promote them, and then connect them to other groups so that their presents at events is expanded. We also take their designs and have them merchandised. Unlike regular Pussy Monster merch, where 10% of earnings go to the homeless, 100% of the Spotlight merch earnings go to the homeless. The designer doesn’t see revenue, but they have zero overhead in the production/distribution of products. It’s mostly to garner them more brand recognition, while also giving back. To learn more about the Spotlight Atlanta Initiative click the link.
Finally we come to the partnership phase or activism. This is the part in which we reach out to other businesses and non-profits to create event’s and offer resource support. Designs for event merchandise, “swag”, digital and hard currency financial services, not to mention media creation and platform development. So, like, we make mugs and videos and stuff and do like ATMs and swipe readers and junk. This is really more of a face to face thing since different organizations require different solutions.

Things are just getting started here and we are all very excited. The comic is on the way and we’ll be quite visible at many upcoming events around the city and beyond. To stay up to date on the latest new make sure to subscribe to mailNET. To contact us just hit the links and let us know if you have any questions, or are interested in a project, or just wanna say hey.