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Welcome to Atlanta…

After the boom of the early 21st century the city fell into an abyss. The prosperity and expansion of this once slow paced metropolis led it’s people to become some of the greatest scientists, artists, and business people in the world. However, it also lead to a culture of corruption, indifference, and cynicism. The idea that the best will rise to the top and that competition is the only standard of measure loomed heavily. During the boom the city had major problems and the solutions were never discovered. Now homelessness affects 10% of the populace. Children are swapped like trading cards by criminal organizations. The drug trade has exploded to the point that narco-capitalist gangs are basically corporations. Infrastructure is crumbling so quickly that the city just grows more in another area in order to offset the decay. The “haves” have it all and the “nots” struggle to stay alive.

Now a sprawling cityscape covers what were once suburbs and 8 million people scratch and claw to make their mark and rise above the seething mass. Everyday the problems grow and change and all the while those with the ability to do something simply choose not to…Until Now.

The birth of two kittens has the potential to change everything:

Pussy, a loving and dedicated soul that wishes to help everyone, is on a mission to fix what others have deemed, “just the natural order of things.”

Monster, a charismatic and intelligent soul that has grown to despise what people have become, is focused on changing the order of things by any means. Their struggle to save the City of Atlanta will change the lives of millions and possibly more.