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Pussy Monster: A story with a mission.

Pussy Monster Outer Limits Crop Top

The Plan

Pussy Monster looks to foster a dialogue within the public about important social issues by creating thought provoking content and artifacts. Our goal is to utilize media, apparel, and direct community engagement in order to to draw attention to legal, ecological, and technological challenges that we face now and will face in the future. How the exponential growth of cities or A.I. or genetic intellectual property will change our lives is completely unknown. We think the negative things could be mitigated, but we have to be conscientious about the current state of affairs.


Corporate Citizenship

As an Atlanta based company we take pride in the opportunity to be a part of a new frontier. Growth of this city has been tremendous, but not for everyone. Our organization believes that helping one another is incredibly important, therefore, we focus on the most vulnerable in our society. A lot of people slip through the cracks and end up in a bad place. We think that there can be a better way. Homeless, drug addiction, sex trafficking, financial instability, infrastructure decay, food deserts, and security are just a few vital pieces of a puzzle that everyone must solve. Communication is our most effective tool to enact change and we use directly interacting with the most disenfranchised and at risk as a fulcrum to leverage traction in public sphere. Pussy Monster is about getting people to think together about getting what we all need.


We’re from Atlanta. We live here and we love it. We walk the streets, drive the highways, and catch the trains. We see the traffic, the development, the divide. It’s our aim to push against the loss of equity. The loss of human capital that comes from shifts in the economy or politics. All of us at Pussy Monster wish to make our circle as inclusive as possible. All of us know that enacting positive, permanent change on a large scale is difficult, but one person at a time…maybe not so much.