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Pussy Monster ATM MachineSpotlight Atlanta:

Talent is something to be recognized and fostered, so Pussy Monster is beginning the Spotlight Atlanta initiative. Spotlight intends to find local talent and partner with them in order to get the artist's recognition to higher grounds. Artists will take the Pussy Monster characters and interpret them through their own creative lens. We will print up their designs and sell the shirts, while at the same time, donating 100% of the proceeds to the homeless.

In return, the Spotlight artists will receive web advertising, mural space, links on our site and use of the site as a platform for their art and brand. This is an excellent opportunity for new and emerging artists to build groundswell and get experience doing commercial work. It also gives them a chance to do work that will directly help those in need.

Pussy Monster is dedicated to improving the lives of those who are less fortunate and effecting real change in our city and communities. The Spotlight Atlanta initiative takes that a step further and gives more people the ability to improve our city through creating. If you feel this is something that you can be passionate about, please feel free to submit and maybe you can be in the Spotlight.
As a brand PussyMonster is dedicated to bringing high quality, affordable clothing to our patrons. As a comic we like to highlight social problems, not merely as plot devices, but to help bring attention to things that we as a company and as people believe are important and should be talked about. Now we would like to take things one step further and work as activists that take homelessness head on. We can’t do it alone and so we a building our movement through you. Therefore when anything is purchased from the shop 10% will go to charities that help the homeless. You read it right, 10% of all sales go to help feed, clothe, train, and educate one of the 7000+ homeless people in the City of Atlanta. We may not be in comics, but we can still be heroes