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Dark Knight Beanie

Stealthy, sleek, and straight-up heroic—the "Dark Knight Beanie" from embodies the mystery and allure of the night. This all-black beanie is your new go-to accessory for every undercover mission or casual day out. Front and center, you’ll find the embroidered visage of Pussy, one of the famed superhero brothers from the PussyMonster universe. Known for his vigilance and indomitable spirit, Pussy, a striking blue cat with intense red eyes, is not just a character; he's a symbol of courage and defiance.

Perfect for the cooler months or just adding a touch of edgy style to your outfit, the "Dark Knight Beanie" is more than a piece of headwear—it's a statement. Whether you're battling the chill or the chaos of the city, this beanie keeps you warm while marking you as a part of the elite PussyMonster cadre.

Don the "Dark Knight Beanie" and embrace your inner superhero. It’s time to channel the fearless energy of Pussy and take on the world—one adventure at a time.

• 60% cotton, 40% acrylic
• Breathable cotton blend
• Form-fitting shape
• One size fits most