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Rich Homer Quan x ZFG Pouch Backpack

Attitude meets art with the audacious "Rich Homer Quan x ZFG Pouch Backpack," exclusively from

This isn't just a backpack—it's a manifesto, a tangible expression of a lifestyle unbound by others' expectations and societal norms. Clad in a fearless combination of black and green, this pack features an unyielding Homer Simpson, reimagined as the epitome of defiance. Decked out in a vividly colored sweater that nods to iconic retro styles and equipped with all the trappings of a true icon—designer shades, lavish gold jewelry, and hands full of cash—Homer personifies the audacity to live on one's own terms.

The statement "Zero Fucks Given," elegantly designed in purple below this bold figure, isn’t just a phrase—it’s your new creed. The 'V' formed by a broken heart with a lightning bolt not only adds a visual punch but symbolizes the power and energy that come from breaking free and forging your own path.

This backpack is for the trailblazers, the rebels, and everyone who walks through life with conviction and an unapologetic attitude. Load up your essentials and carry them into each day with the spirit of someone who lives by their own rules. The "Zero Fucks Given" Backpack isn’t just about making a statement—it’s about owning it.